EV Technician Industry News & Tips

Close-up of an electric car motor on an assembly line

EV Technician Industry News & Tips

Plastic car engine control unit
Technical Tips
Aug 31, 2023

We all enjoy heated seats, infotainment systems, automatic transmissions, and power windows, but have we ever considered how these (and many more) features are continuously being added under the hood?

Hand checking the air conditioner in the car
Technical Tips
Jul 18, 2023

As far as vehicular systems go, a vehicle’s HVAC system is likely not going to win the “most interesting component” award with respect to the average person.

EV charging station for electric car
Technical Tips
Jul 11, 2023

Electric vehicles (EV) have gone from a novel concept to a mainstream and viable vehicular alternative in just a few short decades.

Electric vehicle charging station
Technical Tips
Apr 10, 2023

It’s undeniable that the number of EV powered vehicles will surpass their fossil fuel-dependent counterparts sooner rather than later.

Battery cells symbols on dark blue background
Technical Tips
Mar 27, 2023

Considering the divergent paths the transportation and automobile industries are taking away from fossil fuels, electric vehicle batteries are arguably one of the most important technological components of the decade.

Electric Vehicle car plug into an EV Charging station
Technical Tips
Oct 28, 2022

The Electric Vehicles (EV) industry has exploded on to today’s business scene and is growing in importance daily.

VFD Machine connected to a PLC
Technical Tips
Sep 15, 2022

Electric motors are used in multiple applications of our everyday lives but require the right amount of electrical energy to provide optimal torque and speed.

microchip on circuit board
Technical Tips
Jul 26, 2022

Without parallel circuits, our homes and electronic devices wouldn’t be able to function the way we require them to function.