Welcome to the Electric Vehicle (EV) Technician Training Program

Step into the rapidly expanding sector of EVs and charging stations. Our newest certificate program will train a new generation of electric vehicle (EV) specialists to work in EV repair, maintenance and manufacturing. Our program is the right choice whether you are an automotive technician interested in repairing & servicing electric vehicles, an Electrician interested installing & maintaining commercial/residential charging stations, or anyone interested in joining the EV revolution.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Technician Certificate Program

Our self-paced distance education Electric Vehicle (EV) Technician program is designed for adult learners seeking independent study in the rapidly emerging Electric Vehicle sector. Our EV Technician program is intended for students interested in improving their technical knowledge to diagnose, service and repair high voltage EVs and install, design and maintain residential or commercial charging stations.  This program has no post-secondary academic prerequisites.


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