EV Jobs for Auto Mechanics

Auto techs at work

EV Jobs for Auto Mechanics

Most Auto Mechanics today don't have the experience or expertise to work on electric cars. They typically have a strong background in internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles but lack the knowledge and skills in power electronics and data communication systems to safely perform service-related work on EVs and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Our training can change that.  

Graduates of our program who have a background as an auto mechanic will generally find employment in EV dealerships where vehicles are brought to be serviced by the manufacturer, or they may work in independent vehicle service facilities where they may be required to work on a variety of EVs from different manufacturers.  EV technicians not only repair EVs but they are also employed by companies who design and manufacture EVs.  These vehicles include everything from E-bikes to electric golf carts to automobiles to large trucks and buses.

Below find a sample of job titles and responsibilities for Auto Mechanics with additional training on electric vehicles. 

EV trained Auto Mechanics work in wide variety of jobs with many different titles, including:

  • EV Technician
  • Engineering EV Technician
  • Electric Vehicle Technician
  • EV Technician Auto Mechanic
  • Electric Vehicle Production Technician

Here are a sample of EV Auto Mechanic Responsibilities:

  • Assembly and maintenance of prototype level EVs which are under development
  • Install and validate parts & components on engineering electric vehicles
  • Provide feedback to design engineers related to Bill of Materials, installation, validation, accessibility and maintainability issues.
  • Support in-house or field testing of both low and high voltage DC electronics
  • Perform simple electrical assembly (i.e. wiring, connectors, circuit boards)
  • Support electric vehicle troubleshooting and testing
  • Assist engineering team lead in diagnosing failures during vehicle testing and provide back solutions to the team
  • Assisting technician team with service and repair of electrical, mechanical, and integration issues on electric vehicles and their equipment
  • Following processes and document potential improvements and issues
  • Collaborating with creation of repair orders stating the diagnosis, procedure performed, and parts required
  • Diagnose customer concerns, make recommendations based on diagnosis, inspect EV for condition and recommend repairs based on condition and service needs and service history
  • Provide assistance in preparation of estimates for the EV repair
  • Decommission commercial ICE-powered vehicles and convert them to EVs

Here's a sample of some companies hiring EV Auto Mechanics Technicians

AutoCar Parts Inc.    NY
Canoo Technologies   TX
PhiHong USA   CA
Autohaus Lake Norman  NC
Tesla Inc. AZ, NH, PA
General Motors  MI
Vancouver Volkswagen   BC
Foreseeson Technologies BC
Element Fleet Management  ON