How long does it take to complete the EV program?

How long does it take to complete the EV program?

Tue, 04/04/2023 - 11:30

At GBCTechTraining, the online Electric Vehicle Technician (EV) program is tailor-made to fit into every adult learner's time and work-personal life circumstance. It is a self-paced, open enrolment program with no predetermined time limits. That means there are no deadlines to complete a module or take exams. This blog will review the factors that will impact the time required to complete the EV Technician Certificate program.

Student background:

Our student typically fall into three categories.

1. Electrician - the time taken to complete the materials can be faster than someone with no technical background.

2. Auto mechanic - completing the program material will be easier compared to someone with no prior technical experience.

3. Individuals who do not have any technical /mechanical background, but want to learn about move into the rapidly expanding business of EVs.

Time allotment:

Working full time could mean not having enough time to juggle between coursework, profession and personal commitments. Our program offers the flexibility to work and study the program at a pace that is convenient to you. So what does that mean in actual time allotment. 

1. Allocating an average of 10-20 hours a week to work on the program.

2. The average completion time is approximately 32 weeks of part-time study.

Please keep in mind previous schooling/training, work experience and more time put into your studies will contribute to a quicker program completion.

If you want to learn more about the EV Technician program, please contact our Program Consultants toll-free at 1-888-553-533 or by email at  



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